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Welcome to the Sauk Rapid Herald's online photo gallery. The staff at the Herald take hundreds of great photos from local community and sporting events, festivals and more throughout the year - far too many to publish in the paper. Instead, you can find them here. To simplify things, we've categorized our photos into "News", "Sports" and "Events" folders and then into more specific gallery names to help identify them. Feel free to browse them all at your own pace without any further obligation. You will have the option to purchase the prints you want in the size and finish you prefer. You will even have the option to crop and make other alterations to your pictures if you choose. Choose sizes from 4x6 to poster size - and check out other possibilities as well, such as personal photo gift items. Check out is easy and secure and your prints are delivered to the address you specify at checkout in just a few days. 4x6 prints start at just 53 cents each! NEW....DIGITAL DOWNLOADS are now available! Many of our prints are now available in digital format as a purchase option. Use these prints for web or personal printing. Looking for something specific? You can search for photos and galleries by the date of their publication. (Example: To find photos that were published in the October 3, 2013 issue of the Herald, click on the "search" link in the navigation bar on the left side of the page and then type "October 3, 2013" in the search field. Thank you for browsing - enjoy!